OK- I know you probably think this program is just another diet pitch…Well so did I until I followed exactly what the guidelines said. It’s great to finally have something that really works at burning fat and helping me curb my appetite because I’m a real sugar lover. It helped me lose my tummy and I really feel so much better overall.

– Adriana M
Miami, FL

Like all weight loss programs this depends on your motivation. Do you really want to lose the weight…That said I have never had an easier diet and one that was so consistently successful week to week.Again like most programs at first the restrictions seem severe, but as you adjust to the diet it feels very manageable and I never felt starved or deprived! Overall I couldn't be happier. I'm down 83lbs so far and feeling better than I have in a decade (or two!)

Susan B.

I have struggled all my life with my weight. I’d lose it and then I'd gain it back. I not only looked terrible…I felt terrible.
I finally found a way to get help without starving myself. Thank you for helping me get the weight off and keep it off!

– Melissa F
Boca Raton, FL

I’m a guy who gained a bunch of weight when I broke up with my long-term girlfriend. I was depressed and ate terrible. I
thought I’d try these products because I thought, what do I have to lose? I really liked it because it was easy to do. I have a huge appetite and I did not feel hungry, which was very important for me.

– Sam B
Everett, WA

I'm currently down 110lbs from 150lbs. The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program changed my life. Highly recommend their program if you are trying to lose weight and really want to keep it off.

Mark K.

My goal at 51 was to achieve good health - not a certain number on the scale. Thanks to Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program, I am on my way to success. I have lost 70 pounds as of today and am staying on course to reach a healthy weight. As a lifelong "dieter" with many highs and lows, it was hard for me to grasp the idea of making permanent changes to not only the way I eat (by giving up the foods that my body does not like) but also to the way I view my body (as a fine-tuned machine that runs well on clean food and poorly on junk). But through my own realization that I was heading for many dangerous weight-related problems, I finally understood that this is about the rest of my life - not a short-term diet! Once I fully accepted the process (clean eating, regular exercise, etc.), I am achieving true health and the journey has been amazing! This is truly answered prayer for both me and my husband (who initially lost 50 pounds and is doing a great job maintaining). Many thanks!!

Karen & Bill J

I was a professional athlete for a long portion of my life, therefore I went up and down with weight gain throughout my life. I was lucky enough to attend some of the best facilities in the world as far as weight loss programs and rejuvenation programs. A lot of them use fancy machines, lots of pills and injections, although it works for the short term, you eventually gain your weight back. As I am getting older, and am overweight, to an extreme unhealthy point, I realized that I needed to do something about it, but I wanted a different approach. The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program of Food, Proper replacements of sweets, Vitamins, protein powders and work outs, make it work! The set of vitamins, protein powders and various efficient pills that will help you with cravings and energy; and lastly the short and efficient workout plan... All of them combined, will guarantee a weight loss that you will maintain as a way of life. But, more important than that, is that if you are a foodie or a carbohydrates and sugar addict as I am... It completely puts a halt to that and all of the sudden weight is dropping and you are not craving anything unhealthy. Started at 255 lbs., I am now at 239 lbs. in about a month... I can't wait to get to my goal of 195 lbs! Thank you!

John L.