Carb Block



  • Carbohydrate metabolism support*
  • Supports weight loss & glucose elimination*
  • Supports reduction of carbohydrate absorption*
  • Inhibits the breakdown of starches into sugar*
  • Supports balanced sugar production in the liver

Features & Benefits

Sometimes you do not eat perfectly. Carb Blocker 5.0 prevents that one bad meal from disrupting your diet. We have combined 5 powerful ingredients that work harmoniously together to help stop your body from turning sugar into fat. This synergistic combination of supplements works 5 ways.

  • It inhibits starches from being converted into sugar*
  • It reduces the absorption of sugar into the blood stream*
  • It slows the digestion of sugar*
  • It makes your muscles more sensitive to insulin so the muscles
  • absorb more sugar*
  • It inhibits fat storage forcing your body to burn off excess sugar instead of storing it as fat*
  • Carb Blocker 5.0 will reduce sugar spikes while also reducing low sugar events.
  • Reduces and delays the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract
  • Reduces the amount of sugar the liver releases into the bloodstream
  • Helps the body convert its own fat into energy*
  • May reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal*
  • Reduces and delays the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract


Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet is dedicated to helping woman and men boost their metabolism, increase muscle, and reduce excess body fat. By repairing a person’s metabolism, we can help improve overall energy and health. Losing weight is complicated, just eating less and exercising more makes you hungry. We help create a balance so that you lose weight without being hungry or feeling weak and sluggish. Let us show you how to naturally lose weight, not by dieting, but by correcting your metabolism. Eat real food at your favorite restaurants while losing 2 to 4 pounds per week.


Everything You Need…All Natural, Researched-Based, Delicious Products To Help You Lose Weight Without Hunger or Cravings!

Some people struggle to lose weight, while others maintain an ideal weight easily.Research discovered an enzyme called AMP-K which determines how easy it is to lose or gain weight. Greens First Lean has developed a diet program to support healthy production of AMP-K and help promote a healthy metabolism, without hunger or cravings.*

Key Ingredients

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Blocks sugar absorption in the intestines also stimulates production of insulin to lower blood sugar

White Kidney Bean Extract

Inhibits the conversion of starch into sugar

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Helps maintain normal blood sugar by forcing sugar into the muscles instead of making fat

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Reduces blood glucose levels after a meal up to 24%, but never produces low blood sugar

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a trace element which may work closely with insulin to help facilitate the uptake of glucose into cells

Directions for Use

As a dietary supplement, take 3 veggie capsules prior to ingestion of a meal containing carbohydrates or starches, or as directed by your healthcare provider

What Are People Saying

I have struggled all my life with my weight. I’d lose it and then I’d gain it back. I not only looked terrible…I felt terrible. I finally found a way to get help without starving myself. Thank you Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet for helping me get the weight off and keep it off!

Melissa F.

I’m a guy who gained a bunch of weight when I broke up with my long-term girlfriend. I was depressed and ate terrible. I thought I’d try these products because I thought, what do I have to lose? I really liked it because it was easy to do. I have a huge appetite and I did not feel hungry, which was very important for me.

Sam B.

OK- I know you probably think this program is just another diet pitch…Well so did I until I followed exactly what the guidelines said. It’s great to finally have something that really works at burning fat and helping me curb my appetite because I’m a real sugar lover. It helped me lose my tummy and I really feel so much better overall.

Adriana M.

Like all weight loss programs this depends on your motivation. Do you really want to lose the weight…That said I have never had an easier diet and one that was so consistently successful week to week.Again like most programs at first the restrictions seem severe, but as you adjust to the diet it feels very manageable and I never felt starved or deprived! Overall I couldn’t be happier. I’m down 83lbs so far and feeling better than I have in a decade (or two!)

Susan B.

I’m currently down 110lbs from 150lbs. The Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program changed my life. Highly recommend their program if you are trying to lose weight and really want to keep it off.

Mark K.

My goal at 51 was to achieve good health – not a certain number on the scale. Thanks to Greens First Lean AMP-K Diet Program, I am on my way to success. I have lost 70 pounds as of today and am staying on course to reach a healthy weight. As a lifelong “dieter” with many highs and lows, it was hard for me to grasp the idea of making permanent changes to not only the way I eat (by giving up the foods that my body does not like) but also to the way I view my body (as a fine-tuned machine that runs well on clean food and poorly on junk).

Karen & Bill J